My Apex Coach

For close to seven years we have had great success in our community right here in Rockland County helping our members strive for excellence and continue to set the bar higher for what they believed was achievable. It has been a hell of a run and we look forward to continuing to grow right here with all of you!

My Apex Coach

But with that being said, as a company we always wondered how we can help more people?

How can we do more, how can we make an impact on more lives and expand our reach to people not just in our own community but all over the world. This pandemic really put things into perspective for us, life is a gift and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So over the last year or so we have put a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources into partnering up with Registered Dieticians, Doctors and other medical professionals to build an all in one platform where we can not only bring you the same top of the line training that you would receive here with us at Apex, but also easy to follow diet plans and nutritional advice that is scientifically backed to get you the results you want!

Yes you heard that right, My Apex Coach will have numerous diet plans for you to choose from depending on your goals. Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, pack on some lean muscle or maybe you are just looking for a healthier lifestyle change. Whatever your goals may be, we are guaranteed to have an option for you!

But that’s not all, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s say you don’t like one of the food choices we have offered in your diet, what are you supposed to do? You’re not a dietitian or nutritionist, how are you supposed to know how to replace said food and to what quantity are you to replace it with? Well with our new software we have an easy answer for you, simply remove and replace. Whatever you drag in to replace will automatically be cut to the exact portion for you so you can continue keeping up with our plan’s guidelines for calories and macronutrients. Our system will also remove certain food choices for you depending on your diet so that you are guaranteed to not stray too far from the plan!

My Apex Coach will also be offering a Medical Series. With everything going on with the Covid-19 pandemic we wanted to find a way to do our part to help those who are currently struggling with underlying health conditions as well as help prevent people in the future from developing these health complications through a lifestyle change channeled through proper dietary and fitness habits!

Our Medical series will offer diet plans and dietary advice that was developed and accredited by Registered Dieticians & Medical professionals. Just a few of the diets we will have under our Medical series that were developed specifically for those with underlying health conditions such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes. 

The My Apex Coach software will also seamlessly integrate with Apple watches & Fitbits so you are able to track your steps and exercise history to pair up with our diet programs on the app or website.

And on top of all of this, we haven’t even got to the fitness side yet! We will be boasting an exercise library with hundreds of different exercises with descriptions, progressions & regressions included for you to try out! But what if you want more than just exercises? What if you want classes or programs? Well I’m happy you asked, we will be offering both a few of the classes and programs that we offer here at Apex Performance plus a few bonus features! Bootcamp, Strength & Performance, Bodyweight training and even a few more that we are keeping as a surprise for the launch!

What you can get with My Apex Coach:

  • Thousands of customizable diet plans created by industry leading registered dietitians and medical professionals
  • Calorie & Macronutrient tracker
  • Online grocery cart shopping list
  • Integration with Apple watches & Fitbits
  • Exercise Library with hundreds of exercises you can do at home or your local fitness club with in depth detail on how to perform each movement
  • Bootcamp classes
  • Strength/Performance classes
  • Bodyweight classes
  • Access to our members only Facebook & Instagram pages
  • Discounts to Earth Fed Muscle supplements

Where and how to buy?

  • At the moment we are still developing the software and we are expecting our beta release to be as early as May and potentially as late as of the 4th of July.
  • You will be able to purchase My Apex Coach either off of this website or off of as well as in person at Apex Performance.

Where to go if you have questions?

Please call us at 845-826-0724 or fill out the contact us form at either or

What Our Clients Say

Safe and clean facility. Each trainer develops personal bonds with each athlete and helps them achieve their goals. I personally started the gym wanting to gain weight. In September of 2019, I was 135 pounds with little to no muscle. I now a year later am 170.
Will Sullo

Very well ran, I was never a gym person but after coming to apex I really loved it. They help you through everything and is so personal. The trainers are great always willing to help and push you to your fullest potential.
Brooke Henn

Great place, great environment, great coaches. This is the place to be at for any fitness goal you are looking to achieve. Athletes are provided with clean and competitive atmosphere to train and better themselves. #ApexOrNothing
Mark McElroy

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