Apex HIIT / Bootcamp

This class is perfect for early risers and people looking to get their fitness goals achieved on the go.

Looking for more energy? Maybe you want to improve how you look and feel in everyday life?

If so, this class is for you! Add that with some flare and intensity along with the BEST trainers around when it comes to the bootcamp sector! The atmosphere is like no other inside of one of our bootcamp classes. Get a taste of the high energy, fast-paced class that was solely built to help all of our members enjoy a better quality of life! This class is perfect for early risers and people looking to get their fitness goals achieved on the go. With classes being roughly 40 minutes it fits perfectly around the schedule for people who know what they want and are ready to get after it and still have time to attack the rest of their day! If you’re ready to get some goosebumps, check out this awesome video of one of our classes outside in our alley from this summer! If this doesn’t get you fired up to start your fitness journey I don’t know what will!


3 Month Membership: $160 per month
6 Month Membership: $150 per month
12 Month Membership: $140 per month

3.4% fee will be added to all credit card purchases
$50 registration fee for all of the programs listed above

Interested in personalized nutritional guidance & meal planning?

Click the contact us below to inquire for more information regarding our Apex Performance Nutrition services. Pairing the accountability and personalization of our exercise routines along with our team’s professional nutritional advice made specifically for each client’s goals is our preferred option for guaranteed results!

What Our Clients Say

Safe and clean facility. Each trainer develops personal bonds with each athlete and helps them achieve their goals. I personally started the gym wanting to gain weight. In September of 2019, I was 135 pounds with little to no muscle. I now a year later am 170.
Will Sullo

Very well ran, I was never a gym person but after coming to apex I really loved it. They help you through everything and is so personal. The trainers are great always willing to help and push you to your fullest potential.
Brooke Henn

Great place, great environment, great coaches. This is the place to be at for any fitness goal you are looking to achieve. Athletes are provided with clean and competitive atmosphere to train and better themselves. #ApexOrNothing
Mark McElroy

Apex Performance

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